Our chapter, Alpha Sigma Tau, Epsilon Omicron, offers many social activities for the members to be involved with. These activities and events are not only within our chapter but our members also branch out to other Greek life chapters and on campus communities. 

Inside our chapter, one of our favorite social events is "AST Days" which are essentially mini sisterhoods where the ladies of AST get together and have lunch, go to a movie, or have a picnic. Sisters have the opportunity to hang out in an informal environment while making more connections with sisters they may not have had a chance to be close to yet. 

Another part of the sorority’s social life is our Date Party and Yellow Rose Formal. Date Party is scheduled for the fall semester; it is a typically a themed event and low key. The Yellow Rose Formal is scheduled in the spring semester; it is one of our larger sorority events where everyone dresses up and enjoys a night out with Sisters and their dates. The Formal includes dinner, dancing, awards, and cake!

We often find that the most memorable events are our Sisterhoods. Our chapter holds one sisterhood per month dedicated to a specific value of our chapter, GRICE. These events are often sentimental and include team building and trust exercises with all of our Sisters. Our Sisterhoods allow everyone a way to get to know their Sisters on a deeper level. On the other hand, we’ve also had Sisterhoods that are fun and adventurous like when we all took a Self Defense class together! We look forward to these events each month and the time to work on building upon the bonds of we’ve already started.

Outside of the chapter, we have mixers with other chapters on campus. For example, we have gone bowling, played putt-putt and laser tag, have flown kites and went ice skating. We love to build connections across Greek Life and spend time getting to know other chapters on a social level. We are able to connect with other chapter’s members and learn their values as well as share our values with them.

In addition to college events, our chapter has incorporated Family Days. During AST Family Days, families are welcome to come to USI’s campus to learn more about our chapter, our values, what we do, and how we do it.  Everyone has the opportunity to meet more AST members and are able to see the Sisterhood their student is involved in.

We hope you’re ready to join Alpha Sigma Tau, Epsilon Omicron in all the fun!