A Thank You Letter

To my sisters,

I will admit it. You were not a part of my plan. I was going to be a college athlete, focus on my studies and find my friends in my major. Of course, plans were made to be changed. I had no idea what sisterhood meant, but the strong need for it drew me to all of you.

I grew up as an athlete, raised by an athlete. So this idea of team and home are always on my mind and in my heart. When I couldn’t find it in college, my home found me. I met a woman in my Physics class who was smart and kind and very persistent. She is the one that recruited me to join this sisterhood, and two years later, I stood next to her as a bridesmaid at her wedding.

You women have taught me what sisterhood is. Sisterhood is a bond between girls, not always by blood; they will tell the truth, honor and love each other, and will always bond over laughter, tears, food and Netflix marathons. You all celebrate my joy, but more importantly, you are the shining light on my darkest days. There is nothing scarier than sharing your flaws and secrets with another person, but you have given me the strength to step into the light.

You have helped make me successful. You have nurtured me, and with a little tough love, you’ve shaped me into an empowered student, person and leader. You have pushed me to do amazing things I never thought I could. You have encouraged me, and by doing so, I have gained confidence and networking skills to excel and push boundaries in the “adult world.”

Thank you for changing my life for the better.

Tau Love and Mine

Member 148