Letter from our Growth Team

Welcome to our page,

If you are reading this it is safe to assume you are interested in Greek Life and want to know more about the Epsilon Omicron chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau. The first thing we wish to say is welcome and we hope that you find your home away from home. We all know too well that college is not an easy four years; with that we want nothing more than to be by your side making memories and celebrating life.

Alpha Sigma Tau emphasizes you to be entirely true to yourself and set yourself apart from the average woman. We strongly believe in cultivating women that will break boundaries and set academic as well as social standards above the average person.

We expect you to have questions about college and life, and we know you’ll have battles that will challenge you daily. We deem it our jobs as your potential Sisters to aid you in becoming a strong, empowered, goal oriented woman. You will often hear the motto of “It’s not four years, it’s for life.” We take this motto as well as our values and project them into everything we do on a daily basis.  

Maybe this is totally out of your comfort zone, but I can promise you one thing, you will grow exponentially as a person when you go through Greek life. You gain numerous skills in leadership, time management and communication. So, what are you waiting for? Let us help you make the absolute best of your college experience!


The Vice President of Growth